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We write together more than 30 years of history.

In early 1984 was created DUPAN S.L., a family business dedicated to bakery products based on the valencian tradition.

These beginnings were in a ship of the town of Mislata, a town near Valencia, on Calle San Miguel.

The beginning took place in a small warehouse in Mislata, a town near Valencia city.

Thanks to a remarkable acceptance of its products and the commitment and dedication of both founders and workers, the first expansion of business is made in 1993 by acquiring a warehouse on the location of Aldaia.

Steady growth of demand during the following years forces DUPAN to make several expansions in Aldaia's facilities until 2003, when it acquires and joins two neighboring buildings. The first one for the storage of raw materials and other supplies, and a second one for the production of frozen pastry.

In 2009 a new factory was opened in Utiel. This factory had 20,000 square meters surface and was dedicated for manufacturing products consumed during the different seasonal campaigns. (Easter, summer and Christmas)

In 2014, based on the new strategy business plan, the factory in Utiel is sold, allowing Dupan to focus its effort on its core business with higher development forecasts.

Currently DUPAN is working to gain their trust.


DUPAN’s philosophy is based on four core values that define the identity of the company.

These values are: quality, efficiency, innovation and commitment.

  • Total Quality: Starting from the same preparation of raw materials which are subjected to a strict quality control both inside and outside of our facilities. Going through the production process and reaching final consumer's satisfaction. Since 2010 Dupan owns a IFS certification (International Food Standard) that warrants our compromise with quality and food security.
  • Efficiency: For the past 20 years DUPAN strives to get the perfect preparation of all its products. To achieve these goals DUPAN needs to make a selection among all demanded products keeping only those where higher productivity is achieved, hence being able to offer a more competitive product.
  • Innovation: Both products and processes. Our development department is constantly looking for new combinations that may generate higher customer’s satisfaction. Dupan also profits from experienced engineers creating and shaping specific equipment that translates the production into a more innovative and reliable process.
  • Commitment: We are proud to announce that Dupan has successfully managed to implement Environmental Management System Certified to ISO 14001:2004 UNE since September 2007. Through our commitment to the environment, we continue to strive and to work every day in order to improve our Environmental Management System to ensure our customers the best service and the best products while caring for the environment.


Currently DUPAN has a 7,500 square meters facility for the preparation of its confectionery and bakery products.

DUPAN manufactures its products using state of the art processes to ensure the highest product quality and the highest work performance. This way you obtain the best products at best price.

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DUPAN, S.L. Carretera Pla de Quart, 10 46960 Aldaia (Valencia) España Tel. +34 961 511 528 Fax. +34 961 515 226